These 3 Things Cause Growth Stunts In Children (and how to fix them) how to

These 3 Things Cause Growth Stunts In Children (and how to fix them) #buildempire


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These 3 Things Cause Growth Stunts In Children (and how to fix them)

In today’s video, Dr. Shawn Baker discusses stunting in children and how to fix it!

WHO Stats on stunting:

Research on meat and stunting:,stunting%2C%20wasting%20rates%20were%20low .

Research on sanitation and stunting:

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  1. EatMeatandLiftWeights

    Veganism is evil!

  2. Kastor Gabríelsson

    I would guess most kids in the west are probably stunted these days starting their day with cocoa puffs and drinking soda instead of water and get ice cream every time they complain. Not to mention the amount of ultra processed foods we consume.

  3. Personally, i always atteibute my stunted geowth to my electricution, when i was 7. All male relatives are taller than i am, and i was very tall before this accident.

  4. eating a salad with meat is bad for you?

  5. is long term soap use safe?

  6. So this is why asian countries tend to have shorter people because their diet is mainly plant based.

  7. Stuntin’ like my daddy.

  8. I think genes come into play too. My side of the family is short but my husbands side is tall. I breast fed my daughter, made the homemade weston price formula, fed her bone broth and mashed up meat with butter as her 1st foods. Shes 8 years old now and still the shortest in her class. My husbands brother married a tall woman and their daughter was never breast fed, formula fed with some generic brand, 1st foods were grains and all that girl eats is carbs. Shes 9 years old standing at 5’1. So….yes good nutrition is good for overall health but for height, sometimes genetics are stronger.

  9. You mean Coke and Hersheys chocolate bars isn’t a proper diet for a child? Sad, I know people who did this. Child abuse.

  10. Angello Patty


  11. I’m 37 and 6’ tall… was hoping there was something here to help me grow a little more.

  12. Supreme Pizza

    Abuse will do it too you… There is no place like home.

  13. Ironic that the WHO pushes veganism, which is a sure route to malnutrition.

  14. BrassyBrunette

    My grandson basically refuses to eat. He is stunted…and had a broken arm last summer. His mother (my ex DIL) is anorexic herself. Has made negative remarks about foods. There is no convincing him to eat. I raised 7 children…and never seen a child with this much aversions

  15. SeeTheWholeTruth

    This is the reason they want it cut down, lack of proteins natural bioavailable minerals and amino acids,and too many too fast jabs and nonsense early, all do the same thing, irregulate, stunt, and create better victims in need of costly products and procedures to pay for lifelong.

  16. Explains why North Korean children a lot smaller than kids in the south. Also why lots of kids in the west esp lower income fat shorter low iq.

  17. Joe Skeptical

    *I grew to 6’2” eating lots of beef, ham, eggs, chicken & fish as a kid and teenager.*

  18. Very good that I started the heart attack diet ate age 15. Might have been a lot shorter if I didn’t eat as much meat!

  19. Genes play a huge roll, right? My husband, and I, come from small families. He’s 5’10. I’m 5’4. My 17yo daughter is 5’0, and my 14yo son is 5’5, but he’s very underweight. My son does not gain, even tho he prefers meat and eats all the time.

  20. deprogrammer shepherd

    I love steak!

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