THIS Is How To Release A Space Game! No Man’s Sky Switch and Waypoint how to

THIS Is How To Release A Space Game! No Man’s Sky Switch and Waypoint #buildempire


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No Man’s Sky finally makes its Switch release, and it works very well. Additionally, the 4.0 update is called Waypoint and brings and whole bunch of quality of life improvements to the game.

More on No Man’s Sky Waypoint update can be found here:

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  1. If you read the tooltip on a tech item, “X Store Technology – Convert technology to a deployable package for storage”. This is probably what Sean was referring to.

  2. Colin Dobeson

    Hate the inventory. Nerfed my ships and suit, more hassle, wasted hours and hours of time collecting upgrades which are now useless. Not happy at all. I’ll be taking a break from NMS.

  3. deconstructionist66

    More negative reviews than positive on Steam today. That hasn’t happened in years.

  4. Great update for NMS, this game is amazing. The new relaxed mode is good as well, makes the game feel less overwhelming and more fun.

  5. this game is being something else. not just a meme game anymore, it has no rivals except star citizen. and i doubt it will never release.

  6. Man i‘ve just found your channel, love your videos and your especially your voice 😩

  7. Also people are calling the tech stacking a nerf because before you could have 3 techs of one kind in each tech and cargo, so you were getting a stack of 6 but now you are just getting 3 since after 3 it breaks in any section.

  8. The stack limits can be changed, you just need to change the mode tab you are in.

  9. The way point update for PS, Xbox and PC totally broke the game. Them combining all of the modes together totally ruins the game. People playing on normal or even survival shouldn’t be put in the same game as people on creative or customize mode because its not balanced. They should have kept all the modes separate like it always was then just dump everyone using creative mode into the same game.

    The UI is also pretty bad for non-switch. It was better before. Just when I thought the UI couldn’t get worse it did .

  10. A smaller team can pull off so many successesful updates. Take note Frontier! 🤣

  11. This is the worst set back ever. Why not through all your achievements.

  12. Does the new difficulty settings eliminate the grind needed?

  13. The whole “can’t transfer account across platforms” is buIIshit, regardless of game. They could do it easy if the really wanted to.

  14. hell i remember when there werent even separate sections in the inventory. you had to balance how much tech you wanted vs cargo space. its amazing how much this game has changed for the better over the years.

  15. I dont think its a nerf, more like a setback. Its now you have to unlock more tech slots since you can now have up to 60 and I dont think anyone uses that much space on there inventory slots before for tech. The real nerf is limiting the tech enhancements to 3

  16. Dennis Fossett

    If the game was out like this at release good lord……

  17. woot! cant wait to play in on my mac os x comptuer sence theres a mac os x ports comeing soon! but of crose that is if my gpu and ram could handle it that is it. might not. who knows?

  18. That voice…man you could be THE movie trailer guy.

  19. Bro what ship is that with the sails?

  20. Samuel (The Pride of Afrika) Robinson

    For all of the Elite: Dangerous devotees who continuously tell me that F:D’s decision to utterly dump console gamers because our hardware can no longer support the game because they added 3rd person shooting into the mix, you can’t objectively look at No Man’s Sky and what HG is delivering (for FREE with the exception of the physical Switch release) and keep telling us and yourselves that lie. Hello Games is proving more and more that the only thing stopping Frontier Developments from supporting console gamers…is their own lack of desire to support console gamers.

    Keep doing what you do HG. Because in the wake of games like E:D and Cyberpunk 2077 who have abandoned console gamers wholesale, it seems like you’re the only developer out there who wants to do right by the last gen gamers who you sold your product to.

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