This Keto Breading Recipe Has a Special Ingredient! recipes

This Keto Breading Recipe Has a Special Ingredient! #buildempire

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Indigo Nili’s Breading Recipe:
Fit to Serve Group Recipe:
Broke Foodies Recipe:

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  1. Get 50% OFF your first box from Factor by clicking this and using code KETOTWINS50 at checkout!

  2. Great video guys! Where did you find the egg white powder? 🤔

  3. Are you going to the low carb cruise?

  4. I love this breading ❤

  5. I know you two are twins but I’m gonna guess Sara is the oldest by how she handled the ranch dipping sauce lol.
    I’m older than my sister and I tend to be a bit “parental” with her at times 🤣🤣

  6. Hey girls, if you do another breading video, do some chicken with the ground lupin flakes.

  7. Have you ever had Chick n Skins snacks? Im thinking about using the chick n skins as a breading. They come in different flavors but I would use the plain and add my own seasonings.

  8. So glad to have another recipe for my very-high-dollar egg white powder!!

  9. Alyssa Gobelle

    Indigo’s breading is awesome! I use it all the time for Tonkatsu cutlets.

  10. Another great thing about Nili’s breading recipe is that it sticks really well to the food. It doesn’t cone off in a ‘breading sleeve’ like some breading does. ❤️🥰❤️

  11. Glad you didn’t edit out Emily making mouse noises and gestures when taste testing. you should edit that into all of your videos… lol!

  12. Suggested crunchy alternative: cauliflower pretzel sticks ground in the blender + pork panko, mixed about 50/50. I use an air fryer and find the pork panko helps with carbs and the fat needed for the air fryer. I still spray with avacado oil. I make and store a big batch. I add parmesan to it to sprinkle on top of casseroles. I add fry seasoning to it for chicken tenders. I add it to crab cakes to replace the bread crumbs. 👍

  13. Thank you for ALL your videos – I love that you try out these recipes and make your modifications. I’ve gotten some great ideas from you two. Can I just add…I do like when you include your little dogs while taste testing/talking. They are so cute – are they twins too?🐕🐕

  14. Alan's Awesome Keto World

    Need to try the indago nili recipe

  15. Yummy😋😋😋
    Read adding baking powder is the secret to CRISP SKIN & can attest that it does. Give a try to recipe #2

  16. Nili is a genius! I’ve been loving this one!

  17. I have been using Nilli’s “breading” for a while now. I really enjoy it! I make mozzarella stick and zucchini sticks with it.

  18. Aww… I’m so glad you liked my breading! 🥰 I think the gelatin makes it crispier and helps it hold it’s crisp. I made a sweet and sour chicken with it and it held it’s crunch even after being coated in the sauce 🙌🏼🤤❤️

  19. David Djerassi

    Thank you for all the trouble you go to for us all my favorite Ladies on Keto 2 big hugs .

  20. Jeannie Mainzer

    I have found an amazing breading! Mix almond flour, parmesan cheese, nutritional yeast, and psyllium husks. I made fried fish with this yesterday and hubby and I were amazed at how crispy it turned out.

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