Trying TikTok Viral Recipes | Pizza Bombs + Baked Spaghetti + French Toast recipes

Trying TikTok Viral Recipes | Pizza Bombs + Baked Spaghetti + French Toast #buildempire

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In this episode I try my favorite TikTok viral recipes so you guys don’t have to!

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  1. I love how Ben blends food with philosophy. Excellent!!!

  2. Such feel good content from both yourself and Jenn all the time. A grateful subscriber 💓

  3. What a perfect birthday gift for me 😂💕 I love your videos Ben! I always leave in a better mood !

  4. The oven baked spaghetti sounds like lasagna with extra step…

  5. Beauty In All Places

    Ben I literally love you ❤😂😂😂 this video was sooo good, favorite parts: the pillsbury can popping up and scaring the 💩 out of both you and I 😂😂😂 I couldn’t stop laughing, Jenn coming in the rummage as usual, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENN, and you being the high energy and a cheeky little prince. Lovely juggle 😅😅😊

  6. Scary pattie’s 😅

  7. Please do more of these and rank your favourites

  8. BEN…… This is seriously amazing. The food, yes, but the concept behind your videos… I DO leave them feeling more gratitude and joy.. it’s all in the subtleties.. as a mental health professional, this is really really amazing. Keep making these videos and filling spaces with positivity and kindness. The world is truly a better place because of it.

  9. 1:20 Yes, that is supposed to happen, Ben. 😂 It happens to all of us ALL THE TIME. There is no way around those cans of biscuits. You should make a video of holiday food using canned biscuits. I love the taco ring with sour cream. Great party food.

  10. “as usual, I’m gonna keep eating this really unattractively off camera” hahaha love it Ben

  11. When someone breaks in a half a bunch of spaghetti, an Italian dies somewhere.

    LOL. In Italy we have a popular recipe for Sunday lunch called “Pasta al forno” meaning “Baked pasta” but we usually use different type of pasta and we cook ahead in boiling water and put it on a tray just when it’s half cooked. It’s a much easier and simple recipe.

  12. When you were reading the instructions I thought its gonna pop and you’re gonna jump out your skin and I laughed a little too hard! Sorry Ben.☺️🤣🤣 French toast and pizza pockets looked yum! I’m yet to find an amazing dairy free cheese that gives me the satisfaction of mozzarella.

  13. who needs therapy when you have ben’s selfcare shpeels in between air frying haha

  14. Stephanie Lorraine

    When will Pillsbury make a non-popping packaging?? So many are terrified to open those!

  15. Julie Nguyen Yoga

    love the idea of baked spaghetti! the onion is throwing me off a bit though – maybe I’ll replace it with ground turkey or beef instead for more texture and flavor. and love the hair Jenn!!

  16. your reaction to Pillsbury was priceless lol

  17. Already 1.5 minutes into the video and I love it xD I always get scared opening one of those cans too!! hahah

  18. Clarisse De Guzman

    The pizza balls are my favourite!

  19. Have you or Jen tried that salmon bowl?

  20. Happy belated Birthday Jen! Love the hair <3

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