Updated KAEYA GUIDE: How to Play, BEST Artifact & Weapon Builds, Team Comps | Genshin 3.5 how to

Updated KAEYA GUIDE: How to Play, BEST Artifact & Weapon Builds, Team Comps | Genshin 3.5 #buildempire


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Kaeya is a free Cryo 4-star unit who can be played as an off-field Cryo DPS or an on-field DPS for Physical or elemental reaction teams. As one of Genshin’s F2P units, Kaeya brings a lot of value for beginner and veteran players alike, especially in Freeze and Reverse Melt teams. This Genshin Impact 3.5 updated Kaeya guide discusses his talents, constellations, gameplay, best artifact and weapon builds, and team comps. #GenshinImpact #Kaeya #Genshin

0:00 Kaeya Guide Intro
0:23 Talents & Kit
0:55 Normal Attacks
1:39 Skill & A1 A4 Passives
2:46 Burst
4:31 Talent Priority & Exploration Passive
4:47 Constellations
6:48 Artifact Build – Freeze, Melt, Physical
9:25 Best Weapons – F2P to 5-star
10:33 Team Comps

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  1. Yet another dumb stuff from Genshin devs : starter characters like Kaeya or Amber, are harder to improve, constellations wise, compared to limited 4* . . .

  2. Francisco J.G.

    “Oven” is such a bad name for Freeze Burgeon. *Iced Tea* or *Iced Coffee* depicts the team mechanics much better.

  3. Chilaire Arts

    If your f2p, try a reverse melt team with Kaeya, Xiangling, anemo traveler, and Barbara as healer.

  4. Me with c4 main dps Kaeya: yes baby?

  5. fantasticfirellama

    I love him and I’m currently building him. I have C4 Kaeya from standard banner …I’ll be C6 him in June 🙁
    He has never left my party


  7. Live love laugh Kaeya❤

  8. ForeverConfused AndKindaCute

    Gonna get his c6 this june🥺 it’s gonna make a hell of a diff ik it

  9. mfw ive managed to get C6 kaeya with only standard f2p wishing while only having c1 lisa and c0 amber… how tf

  10. Is this in response to Dish’s Kaeya vid, where she evaluated people’s accounts and how well they built their Kaeya?

  11. I recently started a f2p alt account and really rediscovered Kaeya. My fav team with him is the deathball (sayu kaeya xl benny) which consist to counterclock kaeya and xl burst with sayu rolling 🥲. It’s very fun and quite efficient to farm emblem, but mostly extremely fun. I would love to play him freeze and phys in the futur, and the 2d part of this patch could be very interesting (mistsplitter, shenhe and mika !). Ty for this very well timed video !

  12. Yesss I just got my C6 and was waiting for SOME updated Kaeya guide. As always a life saver sevy!

  13. Yes! A Kaeya guide!!! It’s been so long, he is so amazing and he is one of my mains in freeze teams.

  14. And there’s people called him trash💀

  15. Aditya Sangeeth

    Just like Zajef says


  16. I C6’d Bennett just for Kaeya. I added Zonghli and Kazuha and I can sometimes reach 100k on a reverse melt E! Plus then he gets infused with pyro while his burst is up and we get that damage too. Love it and I love Kaeya.

  17. My kaeya already c4 rn and i’m aiming for his c6 this year after buying my last amber cons next month

  18. Diego Antonio Peguero Santana

    Physical kaeya is so freaking based

  19. Switter Beets

    Kaeya using skill🤝🏻my mom before I leave the house without a sweater

    Don’t get frostbite

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