‘VEGAN CHRISTMAS’ Recipe Relay Challenge | Pass It On S3 E4 recipes

‘VEGAN CHRISTMAS’ Recipe Relay Challenge | Pass It On S3 E4 #buildempire

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Today’s Recipe Relay CHALLENGE is ‘VEGAN CHRISTMAS’!! Will the boys PASS or FAIL?! Watch to find out… Head to https://fvrr.co/sorted to check out the services available to you and use code SORTED for 10% off!

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  1. The claymation was fun! Nice change.

  2. I’d buy figurines of those animated characters.

  3. Fredrik Gustafson

    I miss the blooper-like final clip

  4. This kind of highlights why none of my friends are vegan. I’d call em blithering idiots for not eating honey. It’s HONEY you twits! Give me a REAL reason for not eating honey besides not liking the taste (as I’m sure the there’s one person out there that doesn’t). You don’t harm the bees, in fact you encourage their reproduction and health. Beekeepers are in a way protectors for the wonderful little buggers.
    I say it’s a pass!

  5. I didn’t see a single dish with ground vegan in it, so I guess it’s a fail, sorry guys!

  6. Honey is such a genuine mistake, I would consider this a pass.

  7. Sorry Boys, that there is a fail….. You know what’s not a fail? Collaborating with ‘Tasting history with Max Miller’!


  9. Adam FromEngland

    don’t see why Honey isn’t vegan, Bees are insects, they create honey as a byproduct, it’s not harmful to them in any way

  10. I honestly think they should have called that a success. I too wondered if honey was vegan, and I thought Whiskey was corn based so it was considered vegan. I think the intent was vegan, but it should be a learning experience since they don’t get time to double check too much into each and every ingredient.

  11. theatomictrain10

    Fail. A vegan dish was served that wasn’t vegan. It has to be a fail.

  12. Whenever Barrie makes a mistake you all don’t half enjoy sticking it to him. I’ve seen Mike and Jamie make just as many mistakes and we don’t see the same level of scrutiny and name calling from the rest. Sometimes I feel really bad for Baz

  13. blackkittycat89

    If there is a sliding scale of veganism, I’d consider honey more vegan than not. If it’s ethically sourced, it’s miles and miles away from what we do to cows and chickens to get milk and eggs, so I’d put it at vegan and the boys passed. If we’re going with the black-or-white veganism, then Barry really screwed everyone over and it’s a fail. Unless he can do a forfeit… Food hell, anyone? 😈

  14. The fruit used, sultanas and oranges, was the plant pollinated by insects? If so you can argue that they are as vegan as honey. Also many oranges are coated in beeswax.

  15. I love the animated bits, they were very cute. I think this is a fail. Felt more like a collection of sidedishes than a vegan xmas meal.

  16. I think it is a PASS. 1. If you were going to cook a vegan Christmas dinner, you would give yourself more time to prepare and make sure of your ingredients. 2. If your vegan friend couldn’t forgive you this misstep after attempting a special meal for them, they are not a friend.

  17. Polyhedral dreams

    As someone who is currently dealing with a broken wrist, what would happen to the lot of them if they could only use their non-dominant hand for significant tasks? Using the wrong hand gets them zapped. I’ve certainly been having fun thinking I could get away with tasks, only to either get zapped by an overloaded wrist or have the cast stop me from being able to correctly position my knives.

  18. part of it wasn’t vegan therefore a fail

  19. Question: WHY isn’t honey vegan? All vegetables depend on insects, so then no vegetables are vegan.

  20. In my family, holiday meals were always about the side dishes. I think being able to create vegan sides that bring the joy of the season for you means that it is a pass. Except for Barry.

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