Watcher is too easy! | How to win at Slay the Spire | A0 Ladder runs how to

Watcher is too easy! | How to win at Slay the Spire | A0 Ladder runs #buildempire


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  1. What’s that? The sound of a thousand spires slain by noobs with establishment + meditate infinites?

  2. I did minimalist with 2 drop kicks, a bash and a shrug it off.

  3. Is he not playing mod the spire meaning he can’t get minimalist

  4. I think a big part of someone growing as a player at anything is doing their own research. I learnt this game by watching runs by you and other players doing your streamed runs, and those runs weren’t dedicated to teaching. I feel like I learnt better by just seeing what was being done and which cards were chosen and figuring out for myself why those decisions were made.

    I don’t think a big write up in the description is necessary. You could perhaps just add some notes if you feel like you missed out on saying something important for that run in particular, but you have at least 100 more runs in this series still to come and so you can just address any of the questions people have or things you felt you missed out in future runs. Future runs will also get harder and as a result the more nuanced decision points that actually matter will start to show up. At this point a new player doesn’t need nuance, they just need to be told why you are making decisions that would look strange to someone new which you have done just fine already.

    I’ve watched every episode and so far past me from all those years ago would have been extremely happy with something like this. So far I would have learnt about:
    – Deck consistency via aiming to fill gaps in it’s strengths.
    – Card removes good, essentially buying better draws for the rest of the run.
    – Curses rarely worth it (probably avoid them for now, I can slowly understand when to take them, like run where you took 999 gold and removed them both immediately).
    – Fight and event pools change throughout an act (something I would have been curious about and researched myself).
    – Preparing relics during fights.
    – Start deck strength differences (don’t go into a run with the same act 1 plan for each character).
    – Check the deck frequently to make future draws less of a surprise.

    And a few other things, but these things alone would have helped me smash the early ascension levels much easier. I don’t think there should be a rush to teach more. There will be a lot of players watching that are A10+ at the moment and will be asking for information that someone at A2 doesn’t need. If someone asks you in the comments it’s worth answering, but I don’t think you should worry about pre-emptively answering every question someone might have, not this early at least. I think you have provided more than enough for a new player to work with.

  5. It mad eme so happy (probably because of the surprise) to see you at LRRMTG. You are awesome Jorbs!

  6. Jorbs: I’m going to teach you how to beat the game with Watcher

    Also Jorbs: I’m going to skip all the strong cards that you should really take if you want to win with Watcher, because we are going for minimalist.

    FWIW, I do think that it’s spiced things up, and am hoping Jorbs will go for other achievements during this series (e.g. only commons, or no relics). However, found it funny to do so in the introductory ascension 0 run.

  7. I can’t think of any ideas for discussion topics from this video, but watcher beta art unlocked, so my comment for the algorithm will just be that the sash whip beta art is increadible. Watcher is just so happy to be whipping silent. Strangely wholesome.

  8. I just did my Minimalist AND Common Sense achievements yesterday. Defect with two claws (one upgraded), two Defends and the only card you need as Defect – Coolheaded (upgraded). I got lucky with an Act 2 peace pipe which allowed me to add a Metamorphosis in early Act 3 to help me get thru the hallway fights. Also got lucky with awakened one as the boss. All that’s left is a 20 minute speedrun to get all achievements.

  9. I did minimalist on deflect because claw is such a reliable source of scaling offense for this achievement

  10. Forceful Storm


  11. How to win with watcher:
    – Get a critical mass of stance dance cards
    – Win

  12. thank you jorbs

  13. dontmakethatfacetho

    Come to Brazil

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