what i eat in a day: autumn edition | cosy, healthy recipes recipes

what i eat in a day: autumn edition | cosy, healthy recipes #buildempire

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good morning! back with an autumnal what I eat in a day, lots of wholesome cosy plant based recipes, mushroom soup, pasta bake and a breakfast toasty. lots of love, Hannah xx

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hiiiii i’m hannah, i’m pretty new to this youtube thing so thanks for being here while i figure it all out 🙂 i live in the uk & make lifestyle videos, with a little bit of food & fitness x

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  1. Eleanor Davidson

    I made a tahini and Sundried tomato vegan pasta yesterday I feel like you’d love Hannah! Literally 6 ingredients and sooo creamy😍

  2. Everything looks beautiful and cosy as always! The soup looks luscious, will definitely try. ❤Very random, but I love your hair, they look super soft and healthy. If you could, would love to know your hair care routine(products etc)xx

  3. Jelena Predmerski

    Sunday morning is for your vlog and nice warm cup of coffee. Thank you for posting!

  4. Hannah please can you tell us where your adorable oat coloured jumper is from? Xx love your videos you seem like such a nice girl

  5. David's Allotment

    Yes, it’s definitely warm & cosy jumper weather in the UK now. Fantastic & yummy 😋 autumn recipes Hannah. Will have to try the mushroom soup and a homemade version will taste better than store bought. Another excellent video from the beautiful Hannah. Love🥰 this video and love 💕 Hannah.

  6. How do you roast your veggies as they always look so tasty…. Would love to know 💗

  7. That pan you used for dinner looks unreal – where is it from xxx

  8. This was just fabulous and so relaxing to watch. Thanks for some great ideas for food recipes as all looked so tasty so will try them all 💗💗💗

  9. Aleksandra198606

    Lovely video❤ what oil are you using for frying?

  10. This video is sooooo good!!
    It just giving me the autumn vibe so much!!🍂🍂And the food’s looks beautiful!!❤️❤️❤️🤎🤎

  11. Lorraine McKenna

    Best season 🙌

  12. Malt as in Maltesers. It will taste great in hot chocolate!!

  13. Love the recipes, I’m definitely going to make the mushroom soup and add some peas at the end.:)

  14. Asmaa vlog 아스마 브이로그

    this is actually a very cool concept for a video it’s nice to see you eat and live in the everyday life of the world aside from every body You are not like anyone and this is what makes you a special and exceptional person. I wish you a happy life and to everyone who reads my comment ❤️🥰💖😍😘🍓♥️

  15. 500 subs with 0 videos ?🥇

    To whoever’s reading this I promise things are going to be fine it takes time, enjoy every minute of your life I wish you a good week ahead , good luck with everything you face this week !❤️🙏🏽✅

  16. She’s back 🎉

  17. Marysia Pazdro

    I love your videos, i was waiting for new one and hear it is😍. This concept is literally perfect besides your voice is so soothing❤️

  18. There’s no better start in a rainy Sunday than with a video from you. 🤍☕️
    Ps: from where are the cosy slippers from the first clip?

  19. That sandwich looks unreal and is exactly what I’ll be eating for lunch when I’m wfh this week! It definitely feels autumnal up here in Harrogate these past few days too

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