What we eat in a Week | Healthy Family Dinner Recipes recipes

What we eat in a Week | Healthy Family Dinner Recipes #buildempire

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  1. Cynthia France

    yummie , thank you for sharing

  2. Althea Pereira

    Like viewing your videos. I don’t mean to be rude but was wondering In these days of inflation how do your’ll manage to have and look after so many children. You are expecting your 8th one now. I mean it involves finances, food, health insurance long term planning. I wonder how your’ll do it. May be in America your’ll must be having much more benefits than the other countries around the world.

  3. I’m salivating 😋

  4. Stephanie Funari

    Could you do a video of your favorite discard recipes!!

  5. Lisa Seva’aetasi

    You would think the sour of the sour dough would not be good with sweet things. Is that just a taste thing? It doesn’t sound good to me but it looks yummy

  6. It’s tunafish and noodles on the top of the stove and using ham instead, score!

  7. Just thought I’d share that storing seasonings and herbs near heat isn’t ideal because the heat destroys the longevity as well as flavor. Just an FYI. Looks like good meals!

  8. Popcorn is fine in the old white Nutrimill. Yellow dent corn is recommended for the KoMo which is the same idea as the mock mill you have.

  9. I seriously thought you were going to dump ice cream in with the meat and onions for a second during the intro 😂

  10. Dymphna Silva

    Hi Lisa does your sister ship her meat out to California? And if so what is her link please. Thank you 😊love all you do ♥️

  11. I grew up eating bacon grease, it makes everything taste better

  12. Really enjoyed this video! Practical, comforting variety of delicious meals. I could almost smell the ham & beans!

  13. Anna Matatics

    First-off, I have to say what an awesome video this is!!
    Great explanations in cooking!!
    I am eager to join Thrive!!
    Can you also add a link for your milling machine and you large white baking dish!!
    Many, many thanks!!
    Have a great rest if your day and enjoy your weekend!!
    Ohhh!! And where did you get your ham and can you get it shipped!?
    Thanks again!!
    God Bless!!

  14. Servant Warrior

    👋 our family lives very similar to yours we are just a little smaller with only five little girls and our family is complete and our business that my husband is CEO of and that I am the CFO for is 24/7/365 and we are managing and we have over 30 employees. Anyway, I am struggling to keep my growing girls full all day long. Any ideas for low sugar and protein rich snacks made from real food would be appreciated!

  15. Barbara Peterson

    HEY Lisa, family, and fur babies. No Lisa you are not weird. I can’t eat deer, none of it. My husband will, our eldest son will, Not I. Of course when I was little our parent’s snuck it in somewhere. Happy Friday; STTB

  16. Michelle Gordon

    Why does my mouth water every time I watch your videos?

  17. Catherine Piaskowski

    Where is your black dress from?

  18. Thank you for all the meals you show us. I get some ideas and I have less people to feed in my household. Thanks so much.

  19. Good morning! I just love your videos, cooking, and family. You and your husband are truly wise. So enjoyable!! I am always wishing I could “slip in” to your table at mealtime (maybe you wouldn’t notice an extra 58 year old grandma??? 😶😮😇😆😂). Wishing you a blessed day Lisa! Thank you for blessing my life so richly.

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