When Should You Replace Toyota Struts and Shocks? And How to Do It! how to

When Should You Replace Toyota Struts and Shocks? And How to Do It! #buildempire


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A Toyota Specialist shares when should you replace your Toyota Struts and Shocks.

I see so many shops recommending Toyota struts to be replaced around 50k miles without a reason. This is incorrect. You only replace your struts when there’s a big enough leak or you have a concern.

In this video I will share with you the entire process of replacing a strut on Toyota and Lexus cars.

Hope this helps one of you.

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0:00 Intro
0:37 How to Inspect Your Struts
2:44 Strut Removal
8:45 Strut Disassembly
16:54 Strut Reassembly
25:17 Strut Installation
27:40 Things You Need To Know

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  1. I changed the struts on my friend’s 2004 Toyota Avalon. Everything was shot on those. The springs had compressed . The top plates bearings rusted up. To replace all the parts with OEM Toyota would have been over $2,500 per wheel. Even the 2 mounting bolts had worn, so they needed to be replaced. $50 each from Toyota for those. For some reason those bolts are changed thruought the model year, so you need the VIN to find the correct ones. Rust makes it a hard DIY job.

  2. Mohamed Taseen

    Thank you

  3. Screw This Glue That

    AMD, I enjoy your videos so much it makes me want to run out and buy an older toyota just to repair it the way you do. My problem is, I just bought 2 new 2022 Toyotas and I hope it will be a long time before either is on a lift for repair.

  4. SheerWill Survival

    Excellent video

  5. Edgardo Rivera

    Would love to have you in NYC. You are a great teacher.

  6. I’m using Detroit axle brand struts on my 03 ES 300 hopefully they hold up to the 10 year warranty.

  7. Springs are scary. I usually take to mechanic to do.

  8. Of all things for me the scariest thing to work on is changing he springs. Always feel a little fear when using a spring compressor, and if I ever can avoid it I do (doing my own maint for the fam). Struts are luckily usually pretty easy in comparison for my 90s tacomas (Ive had 4-5 lol) and 2010s tundra.

  9. DavesTVWatching

    I’ve used KYB on every car I’ve owned where I’ve replaced struts and shocks. They are the best aftermarket brand for these types of parts.

  10. Richard Nordt

    Great teacher, very detailed and emphasizes safety along the way.

  11. Every 5000 miles, my Toyota dealer recommended replacing “leaking” front struts. I refused the work for years because the struts were misting, not leaking. Misting is normal and helps extend life of the upper seal. When oil streaking appeared on one strut, I replaced both struts at 118,000 miles.

  12. PROFICIENT The Car Care Nut
    Thanks for sharing it
    Take care and have a great weekend with all your family around you
    PROFICIENT The Car Care Nut
    From Nick Ayivor from London England UK 🇬🇧

  13. The only aftermarket strut I true is KYB Bilstein and maybe fox

  14. ScaredGamerGuy

    Thanks for taking the time out of your busy life to create these types of content.

  15. Justin Janich

    ’05 – ’08s are possibly the best of the “modern” Corollas. 231k on mine and it burns zero oil (thanks to frequent oil changes!). I have about 50k miles on my KYB Quick Struts and so far, life is good.

  16. Eric De Dominic

    Good to know an alignment is not needed on a 4runner when doing front struts. Thank you!

  17. Gabriel quick struts, after I installed them I had popping sounds on slow turning of the wheels, and I’m a mechanic

  18. This video was GREAT! I learned so much, thank you very MUCH for doing these videos!

  19. I have a Rav4 2016 when I turn the steering wheel when maneuver out of a parking slot make a cliking noise, when I drive normal turning curves I don’t hear it

  20. Orfescu Horatiu

    300 k still original ! auris TS 2013 .

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