When You Lose Motivation in Your Chinese Language Journey – how to get back on track【all in Chinese】 how to

When You Lose Motivation in Your Chinese Language Journey – how to get back on track【all in Chinese】 #buildempire


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  1. ShuoshuoChinese说说中文

    Even though I do want to welcome you guys to ShuoshuoChinese again 😅 the translation at 1:45 should be: until last year. / until a year ago.

  2. 對的. 毅力比動力重要. 長期來看動力重要 (要不然為什麼學習?), 但每個人都有時候經歷動力不足的時期. 只要保持基線就沒事 🙂

  3. 老师漂亮,几时来新加坡

  4. Patricia Nita

    说姐,非常谢谢你 ❤ I needed to hear this! I didn’t know so many people encounter this and now, after watching this video I have more desire and motivation to keep on going 😊

  5. 👉 BUY YOUTUBE VIEWS 👉 Link in Bio

    And another great video!

  6. Seksit Yathakarn

    KengMak 🎉🎉

  7. 我真的同意。从我经验来说,遇到没有动力的时侯,改变学习方法是非常有用的主意。

  8. Yes, it is much harder for older learners of a foreign language. We find it hard to admit it but even though we have accumulated a lot of knowledge through the years, it becomes increasingly difficult to add to it.

  9. 我很久没有很多动力,我最近想得到更多动力,谢谢做这个影片,听这个帮我有更多动力啊 🤗🤗

  10. Spooky Scary Graviton

    Why do you use that cursed font? I don’t recognize the characters 😖

  11. GoreQuill NachoVidal

    my motivation is the hot chinese babes I know that don’t speak good english….

  12. Wise Canadian Woman

    This is such great advice and not for learning only Chinese but in every aspect of learning something new. I have been studying Chinese for a few years now and often feel like I’m getting nowhere at all, but there is something about the language that compels me to carry on learning. Perhaps it’s the challenge. I just recently turned 70 and am always looking for things to keep my mind active. This language certainly fits the bill when it comes to that. Thank you for this helpful advice.

  13. I feel like Ive lost my motivation as well. This was timely.

  14. Hanzi Forever

    You’re exactly right about changing your method. I felt the same way recently after learning Chinese for 7 years but it was because I just stuck to the hsk books. Once I got to about chapter 10 on hsk6 I massively slowed down, partly because it was boring and partly because I felt I wasn’t really progressing. I’ve found a new method to learn now and I’m absolutely loving Chinese again just like I did at the beginning. I’m enjoying studying 2hr or more a day of it.

  15. This couldnt of come at a better time. I was doing so good for a month and than stopped for 2

  16. 1:45 There’s something wrong with the Pinyin and English, but I think it means “a year before”?

  17. 学习中文为了跑女孩子。

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