Why Video Games Are So Hard To Put Down (And How To Learn To Moderate) how to

Why Video Games Are So Hard To Put Down (And How To Learn To Moderate) #buildempire


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  1. What happened to the audio? It sounds muffled, as if you’re talking through a blanket.

  2. So kicking a habit follows the inverse square law too, holy shit.

  3. thank you so much! hopefully in the future you make a video like this but for:
    1 thinking nonstop,
    2 sexual desire
    3 comparing with others,
    4 to always wanting more and new material stuff
    5 to being fearful (death, losing people, stuff),
    6 having too high expectations,
    7 tolerating people who are assholes (including family),
    8 – 1000000000 being a better, wiser and more peaceful person
    theres so much we need to improve as humans, teach me sensei!

  4. Is it really tho? Im a hardcore gamer since school and if I want to take a few months off I do it without problem

  5. I think my biggest problem with trying to quit video games is that it’s also connected to my entire social circle. 90% of my friends are online and we hang out on discord to play games. If I cut out video games I’d have no friends. Now I’m not saying I wouldn’t hang out with them anymore but I feel like how could I still interact with them without playing?

  6. One way that I (kind of) solved this was by complimenting hard work with videogames. Now I realize playing videogames is a lot more rewarding when it comes after doing hard work, because then I don’t feel the guilt for procrastinating.

  7. So what you’re saying is I should use these tips to get better at games instead 🤔

  8. I have almost the opposite problem. I enjoy video games in my down time but I can’t ever seem to play 90 percent of the games I own. I’ll always go back to the same ones I always play, then I get burned out and try a different game for one day. After that I never want to pick up that new game again and go back to one of my standbys. This is just one of many problems I struggle with daily and it sucks.

  9. I have found myself looking at YouTube or trying to play a game I’m trying to finish. But I really need to study for an exam. I have so many games I haven’t touched and if I stop playing one game for months, when I have the time, I now have to replay everything I forgot (sometimes I forget even the controls). So I’m stuck in this loop where I stop playing games and later replay the same thing.

  10. The Casual Reviewer

    Tough to find a good campaign lately though, LOL

  11. I’m grateful for all your videos Dr. K!

  12. Is Dr. K watching my every move at this point?

  13. The caption should’ve been Hey Omid Watch This 😐

  14. Practicing gratitude – is that what Christians do when they pray before a meal? Or, like, according to anime, what Japanese people do before a meal? “Itadakimasu”

  15. This isn’t a video I wanted, and it’s definitely not a video that I want to need, but I feel like I might.

  16. Well, and that’s one of the reasons I exercise by playing certain games. I can burn more than 700kcal in 2 hours of dancing gameplay (with breaks for hydration) and then get a well deserved rest. It works wonders for my body on many levels, specially after I manage to beat Hard and Very Hard levels in the game, and helps a lot to shake off the pandemic weakness, even managed to regulate my natural sleeping schedule 😊
    I only play a few games after our work shift, and because friends needs to wind down in cooperative games that are fun. Work/study first, play later 👀

  17. monolalia nonagonalia nyarlapants

    Eh! I wish I could get a video game addiction. It’d be more than this paralysis in which even fun feels like a rewardless challenge-slash-failure-opportunity

  18. PeaceXthroughXmusic

    AH, it all makes sense now, Doc is an “addiction therapist”. Many times, addiction is a reaction to a trauma. He doesn’t address trauma, and therefore is only treating the surface level evidence of the true problem. This further feeds into his audience compulsively watching his videos because it affirms their feelings towards their addiction, as well as what they know to be true about stopping their addiction, but it can’t motivate action because it’s not actually addressing the underlying issue. This is where his meditation practices come into play; those “get you to the end of the stress cycle” (which is keeping you practicing your addictive habits), therefore providing temporary relief, but, again, not really fixing the real problem. If he does not address this in the near future, I think we can safely assume that he’s more interested in the positive outcome for him and his practice rather than the positive outcome for his clients/patients/customers. The “fake guru” syndrome really starts to fit…

  19. Me at 3:10am: Wow that’s some solid info
    Also Me: *Opens CS:GO*
    True story. :'(

  20. Luke Holbrook

    Get interested in leveling up in real life.

    Pursue your passion.

    Start simple.

    Stay consistent.

    Be Patient.

    Mentally reward the effort.

    Your life progression will become the best MMO.

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