Will Sasso on how to do impressions | Lex Fridman Podcast Clips how to

Will Sasso on how to do impressions | Lex Fridman Podcast Clips #buildempire


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Will Sasso is a comedian, actor, and co-host of the Dudesy podcast.

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  1. Petr Kurkowski

    Will has the best Elvis impersonation

  2. Jonathan DickTickles

    How to do impressions: Be born talented.

  3. Is lex in the MIB? Must be

  4. michael bratten

    Does anyone else think that Will Sasso has similar mannerisms to Tim Dillon? It’s something to do with the hand and head movements

  5. Sit On My Face

    Will Sasso is a Canadian legend

  6. I have a silo full of tortillas

  7. JL Cauvin does an excellent and equally deranged Trump, here on Utube too. Lex let’s us in on another amazing side of himself, Morgan Freeman a southern treasure too🥰💞🌠

  8. I struggle with Trump. I’m English and I struggle with that Trump accent/tone. Shane Gillis’ and Jamie Fox’s Trump’s are bang on.

  9. Is that Kenny Rogers?

  10. has he always had these tics?

  11. christopher Duque

    Your Steven Seagal impression was my favorite!

  12. love you!! Thanks Lex!

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