World of Warcraft Recipes: Wildfowl Ginseng Soup & Red Bean Buns recipes

World of Warcraft Recipes: Wildfowl Ginseng Soup & Red Bean Buns #buildempire

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The World of Warcraft Official Cookbook is well worth getting. Today I present this incredibly satisfying Pandaren meal, a spicy noodle soup and some sweet bean buns.

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Want to know a secret? The last scene is staged. The first time I recorded it, my camera failed on me and I lost the footage. So I had to make the soup again a week later and stage the whole thing again! You can tell that I’m actually eating it with ramen noodles instead of homemade pasta, which was actually better since I forgot to flour the pasta and it all stuck together in a big clump.

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  1. GundamFireStorm

    I always love me some Abelhawk! And a cooking video at That?! My oh my!

  2. Cheeseburguh Gaming


  3. No ginseng? I need to contact Blizzard for a refund.

  4. Сергеев Владислав

    Great vid!

  5. Competing Yevhen

    The way you replaced some things reminded me of an old joke.

    A letter to a cooking magazine: ‘We were very glad to try one of your latest recipes. Unfortunately, we had to replace main ingredients with mashed potatoes and sausages, but otherwise we enjoyed your avocado and shrimp salad.’

  6. Definitely gonna try this whenever i have the time! I love ginseng(and they are really good for your health, too)

  7. I always adored classic recipes with a “fantasy” twist ~ i.e. Warcraft, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter etc.

  8. Zece Săgeți🏹

    Woah pls more like this 😮 make some classic recipes next

  9. CommanderWookiecop C

    Pls do the StarCraft quotes videos

  10. help i need vänke

    Real ones know how long we been waiting for this

  11. Laurențiu Gabriel Dorobanțu

    Yes i love this book

  12. _”Well met!”_
    Those buns look wonderful.

  13. Michael Andrei Palon

    Ohmigosh, it’s back!

    My personal thoughts:

    – I must say, the bean buns bring back memories of some similar buns I really loved back when I lived in the Philippines. Even got the flowery make too.
    – I hate star anise with a passion, so thanks for suggesting the substitute use of either fennel or fivespice. Pity ginseng is admittedly expensive and hard to get these days, even before the pandemic showed up.
    – Read the description, and darn, that footage would have been nice regardless.

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