World’s No.1 Matchmaker: How To FIND And KEEP Real Love!: Paul Brunson | E187 how to

World’s No.1 Matchmaker: How To FIND And KEEP Real Love!: Paul Brunson | E187 #buildempire


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Paul Brunson is the host of Married At First Sight, and a world-renowned expert on relationships and human connection. Paul spent many years wondering how to get people to love and accept each other, before realising he had to get them to love and accept themselves.

0:00 Intro
02:58 Early years
08:34 Why match making?
12:49 The influence your parents had on your work
15:37 Attachment styles
22:44 Men not being honest
26:04 The science of dating
34:59 How do we have important, tough conversations?
40:47 Oprah reached out to you for a tv show?
49:06 What did you learn from Oprah?
55:49 Out of all your clients who struggles with being alone the most?
01:09:06 Hugging
01:11:17 The importance of compatibly
01:17:48 Sex
01:23:12 Do we know what we want?
01:28:22 How hard do we have to work to find love?
01:33:05 How honest should we be on the first date?
01:38:47 What are you struggling with in your relationship?
01:42:11 What re you working on now
01:46:32 The last guest question

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  1. When Steven said “no comment”🤣😭

  2. SC Shaw Designs

    Extremely powerful interview.
    What are the odds of having Oprah being one of the 11 persons watching your video!!

  3. BoredPandaNomNom

    my social anxiety is so high, i refuse to have friends and prefer living alone for the rest of my life.

  4. damn steven……you did it again with the mind blowing convo!!!!! 🤯😍💓

  5. If young men stopped measuring their relationships success in terms of whether they “get laid”or not,that might be a start.Maybe I am being totally unrealistic to think that young guys might not be lead by their hormones or maybe just societal pressure to be sexually active or equate this with success”in some way or desirability but it really isn’t.
    If only sex and relationships education was given my competent well trained people then so much of this unnecessary pain and confusion around relationships could be avoided.
    It has to happen because the overall ignorance and lack of insight around healthy relationships in our world is causing so much pain and suffering because so much of this use to happen within a community and now it doesn’t and people are on their own.
    We have to start educating young people on building healthy connection and understanding their emotions and ways of communicating.It is essential for wellbeing and a happy healthy society,I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much dislocation and disconnection between people and I cannot imagine how hard it must be for young people to navigate this world if they do not have strong family support or role models.
    Crating healthy connection has to be the way forward and not just romantic one,sometimes in the west far too much emphasis is placed on romantic relationships and they are expected to carry far too much weight and expectations that would have been supplied by other community members.

  6. Odette Blacklock

    First-time dating after years and years. Only just started dating glad im on the right track. I feel most comfortable in my fitness gear. I just suggest a vibe check. its a walk and coffee, if we dont feel a spark no second date.

  7. What a beautiful person Paul is …..very believeable, interesting and a voice as smooth as silk. I must say on the latest MAFSUK…..the experts who Paul is one ….I think a professional bricklayer could have had more success in the choices / partnership however this man makes you smile inside and out and thanks for the vlog.

  8. Maguie DosSantos

    I love everything about this man

  9. heavymetalbanshee

    Most people can’t afford to pay for a therapist. So fine and well promoting that, but your average Tom dick and Harry don’t have the means. Which obv these 2 privileged men don’t get.

  10. So many interesting points. Also love hearing men’s experience and perspective in this way

  11. So true about attachment styles- I trip between avoidant and anxious. Slowly surely moving towards secure 💃

  12. Kimberley Kimani


  13. Cringe

  14. Sinead ODonnell

    No mention of marriage at first sight and how many disasters they have

  15. married at first site wasn’t a very good advertisement for him , first time i’d heard of him on that , the show cast are now they are in therapy wanting answers from the show , il give this a watch see

  16. The jumper ❤

  17. Leeds Drum Academy

    Why do you always post 2 different thumbnails? A/B testing?

  18. His pairings on MAFS were horrible

  19. GrowthMindset

    “It is unfair to break a woman’s heart by mismanaging her expectations.” ~ Paul Brunson

  20. He is so right…. If you want to live a boring “Ikea” life…

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