You Have NO IDEA How to Play This Deck! [Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel] how to

You Have NO IDEA How to Play This Deck! [Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel] #buildempire


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  1. Honestly abyss actors are pretty fun especially when your backrow is destroyed would definitely recommend for casual

  2. Thank you that comment about the Gods animation. Like i dont understand .. they can literally pull some animations from Duel Links and make it spicier.

  3. +5 jump scare 🤣🤣

  4. I main Abyss Actors and there’s a lot of lines of play but a lot of them are pretty insignificant. The deck isn’t all that hard. There are definitely much harder decks like D/D/D.

  5. Abyss Actors lets gooooo

  6. I’m after 2016 i don’t know the limits of every hard deck you can always make came back if you play it completely perfect combo

  7. I know how to play this deck. I’ll happily tell people how…..for a price.

  8. I know🙂

  9. The deck would be tier 0 if they just remove the restriction which says “ You cannot Special summon monster except “abyss actors” thats why they not go for synchro links and xyz or fusions the deck is already great , but i am not fan off , and dkayed if you see this comment i would like to ask you to upload solfachord Pendulum deck archetype if someone plays its its quit good actually they unaffected when pendulum summon and pendulum summon cannot be negated , Quick effect pops and banish as well they good and with the new Pendulum link i forgot the namw tbh

  10. Just draw 5 lul

  11. The Most Boring Guy EVER

    I do??

  12. I love how you bring content even if Konami does nothing with the game

  13. SolidusScott87

    I see pendulums and my brain just shuts off.

  14. Abyss Actor if played right looks like a top tier control deck especially with the new support coming out.

  15. Gabriel Vieira Ferreira

    mid deck, mid replays

  16. Honestly didn’t think Abyss actors would get covered here but here we are. As someone whos played the deck, it has consistency issues & running the field spell can brick ur hand if u don’t have required cards to reveal. Though, with the new support cards, running field spell becomes mandatory & the draw 5 can be scary. Like imagine drawing a bunch of hand traps at the start of your opponent’s turn

  17. New Abyss Actor link monster in Photon Hypernova is a 1-card combo enabler for the deck, allowing access to a set Opening Ceremony on your turn then quick effect placing the Theater during opponent’s main phase. So the ideal 1-card combo end board is a monster negate and a draw until you have 5 cards, it’s very unique negation which reminds me of Artifact Durendal and the draw until you have 5 effect will likely put the deck in the handtrap pile category.

    The deck didn’t have a good 1st turn play before new supports and was known more as a vicious OTK deck most of its life due to the ability to pop cards that opponent cannot respond to and summon a bunch of big beaters on the field.

  18. Biking Viking RCM

    Literally any deck I make on master duel meta. I have no idea what I’m doing. 🤣😂🤣😂

  19. I made this deck when I started master duel and fully mastered them it’s funny seeing people learn them

  20. Hey I thought of playing abyss actor 15 menuts ago and I was building a deck like this one , thanks this video will help

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